Wednesday, March 30

Paid Android applications for free to test

Amazon has just officially declared its launching of App Store, where one can test android applications , even the paid ones for free. Seems like Amazon also wants to hit focusing android.

Amazon App Store is available at this link.

Saturday, March 26

And the Name "Java"

Have you ever felt the curiosity, how did Java language got the name Java, and not why C or D or J .. ?

Check out James gosling himself letting the secrets out !!!

Tuesday, March 22

Use facebook to register your profile

We are promoting direct login & registration in qalixa, as well as registration through facebook to ease up the registration process.
Thus, you may not need to fill up the complete registration form or you may not need to add one more login credentials to your memory.

“This feature is targetted for personal profiles, but firm registration is also possible, if a firm has facebook account “ chuckles one of the developer.
We hope, this minor change will be very beneficial for the personal profiles.

-- Technical team, Qalixa

Monday, March 14

Blog Launch

Dear reader, this is the starting post from qalixa announcement team, although the tech guys will be blogging more about technical stuff, I from the announcement team, will keep you updated about many interesting & funny facts.

We are trying to make this blog as diverse as possible, because this is what we are.

We haven't limited ourselves to a single domain or single technology, instead, Qalixa is, which goes for all the technologies, and implements the hybrid solutions, taking best of all.

May be that is why, we claim to be unique of our type, presenting for you,  Business for All (B4A) concept !

We encourage viewers to comment, whatever they feel and we will always like your opinion, whether you like a post or not.

We, as a part of blogger are amateur bloggers, blogging about what we feel, this is not the Official Blog, this is a blog, rather, started by tech & announcement teams, just to express ourselves more.  Hoping to get something worth to viewers,

-- Isabella, from Qalixa Announcement Team.

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