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Success story of "Angry Birds"

Journey of Angry birds began as :
" It all began when a Senior Game Designer at Rovio named Jaakko Iisalo showed the team sketches of the birds. Taking inspiration from the swine flu epidemic that was a grave concern at that time, they decided to make the pigs the bad guys. Though they had a clear idea on the concept, it was a hard thing to pitch, as a game that consists of swinging birds that could not fly at pigs, was definitely something hard to sell." as quoted here.

It took one year to develop angry birds, after which, Rovio team decided to spend all on marketing channels, over iPhones. It was a big risk for them, but it eventually worked out, as quoted here.

Peter Vesterbacka talks of the high-flying success of Rovio's mobile game Angry Birds :

Angry Birds is now downloaded more than 1 million times a day.
As of June 2011, Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 250 million times (across all platforms and game versions).
And there are lots of more to share, while reading over net, we found out some of findings :
"We then started defining a plan of how we're going to do that. We had a plan that we were going to do ten smaller games, and maybe one of those would be very successful." That first game, by the way, was Angry Birds, which was dusted down and given a new sense of purpose. “ As quoted by Rovio, here.

People at Rovio were facing ups & downs and were through their troubled times, when angry birds was invented, they just had their idea and a vision, nothing else… This made us believe that one does not need a strong base or lots of money to get big hit. One just need creativity, original idea, and a commitment.. Success is then sure to follow.
Further readings :

We will be presenting in this special section, “Success Story”, the success stories of various giants or smaller groups, who made a difference.
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Thursday, July 7

भारत के प्रमुख व्यापार मेले (Major trade fairs of India)

If you are looking to increase business from trade fairs in india, then major trade fairs happening in india in july 2011 are :
अगर आप  भारत में  व्यापर मेलों से व्यापार बड़ाने के बारे में सोच रहे हैं , तो
जुलाई २०११ में भारत में जो व्यापार मेले होने वाले हैं, उनमे से प्रमुख कुछ इस प्रकार हैं :
31694 Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories show from 8th july to 10th july 2011 @ noida, Delhi.
(भारतीय फैशन आभूषण और उपसाधन प्रदर्शनी )
11718Hyderabad Jewellery, Pearl & Gem Fair 2011 from 9th to 11th july,2011 at  HICC,Novotel, Hyderabad, India
19084 Jewellers Association show (JAS 2011) from 22nd –25th July at B.M. Birla auditorium Jaipur, India (ज्वैलर्स एसोसिएशन प्रदर्शनी )
36662 ELECXPO 2011 (Electronics | Electricals | Power Expo 2011) from 14 july to 17 july at  Chennai Trade & Convention Centre,
Chennai, India
36074 Food & Techonology Expo 2011 from 29th July 2011 - 31st July 2011 at  Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
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