Saturday, April 30

QR Codes

QR = Quick Responsive Codes are very popular now a days, and why they shouldnt be ?

They are easy to use for marketing, they are new & they are hot.

Started from Japan, the QR code has now spread across whole world, the significant contributor to this revolution are many great applications on iPhone, android phones, smartphones, or computer, which can extract the information out of simple black & white squares.

Why not you yourself do the fun, trace out the QR Code below, if needed, the links are given below for your reference :



More Resources & useful links :

Wikipedia of QR Code :

How to read QR Code in Ubuntu :

How to read QR Code from your PC :

How to read QR Code on your iPhone :

QR Code for Nokia Phones :

How to generate your QR Code :
1) From Kaywa :

2) From neoReader :

Tuesday, April 12

Webhallen's integration

We feel very proud to announce that Qalixa is now equipped with more then 30K offers for its increasing number of satisfied users.
This makes total of 31469 offers, which are live today.
We are grateful to Webhallen, and also to our technical team, who integrated such a huge number of offers in less then a week.
" This was a easy task, the way we have designed the system, we can integrate offers very fast, however it was the Quality Checking that took the most of time. ", quoted one of our developer.

We invite our swedish & global  users to go shopping @

For other retailers / stores, we are simply thinking, how long will it take for you to take such a simple decision?
Join us, and be a part of global revolution.
Register yourself @ and add the offers for free !

Friday, April 8

simulate your internet speed

Your application is ready, deployed on web servers and running 24/7.

On development environment, everything looked nice & cool, but you get the responses from public, which creates nightmare for developers. "It takes a very Loooooooonnnnnggg time to load the pages of your site.

To, avoid the nightmare of not knowing that you can test your site from various user's perspectives, we are in this post sharing with you the links and things, which can enable you to simulate your internet speed, find out yourself, how fast is your page loading.....

Simulate your internet speed

1) Simulate browser :

1.1) On firefox, use firefox throttle, addon that simulates network speed, which even works for localhost sites

1.2) For InternetExplorer / Firefox / Opera, use a proxy plugin known as fiddler :
fiddler works with proxy concept and is found at :

1.3) Use charles (shareware)

2) Simulate your OS :

2.1) On Ubuntu, you can go for iprelay at :

2.2) On *nix family OS, you could also try dummynet, details available at :

2.3) On Debian systems you could also try :

$ iprelay -b2500 8000:localhost:80
# Point browser at http://localhost:8000

2.4) For Linux, there is also a tool called netem, you can find more details for netem at :

2.5) For windows, you can try "speed simulator", more details at :

2.6) For iphone, you can try speed limiter, available at :

You can also try netlimiter at

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