Wednesday, June 1

Children gift suggestions from Qalixa

Today, I was giving support to one of my client, who was adding toys in children segment in Qalixa, he told me  that today is international childrens day. 
I thought, no it cant be, because at sweden we celebrate it on first monday of October, (some people @ may 13). 
After going through google & wikipedia, I realized that different countries celebrate International children day at different dates. ! See this link.
Then I thought, some people must be looking for suggestions to purchase gifts for there child.
Are you also searching gifts for your cute angels & little heroes ?
Well, Qalixa can suggest some categories to go through.
If you are looking to buy for your children, go through products listed in following category :
1) Baby Toys collections @ Qalixa
2) Child Safety items for notorious ones @ Qalixa
3) Kids and Baby Accessories @ Qalixa
4) Toys @ Qalixa
Abigail Van Buren once quoted as  " If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money. "
Team Qalixa wishes you happy moments with your child !

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