Saturday, May 7

Trying out with Free URL Shorteners


There are many free sites that provide the functionality to shorten the URLi. URL shortening is very effective, when you have a complex URL but to easily share, you want to shorten it, thus allowing you to post on tweeter feeds, easy for people to remember, and many sites also provide the feature to record the stats, so that you can keep a eye, how many hits you got.


We feel very tempted specially about the clicks monitoring part, and so, decided to test these features, with the URL shortener sites, available in market, of course, this list contains some of those, who are free, as you all must be knowing, Qalixa strongly believes in “free things” !

There is already a post published in our tech blog, about Qalixa’s link shortened by various URL’s. In this post, we simply review  those in a brief manner.

Top 3 services according to us are,  & in no respective order, is very famous Stumble Upon community, is service by google, and is very popular with tweeter.

Our fun ends for now with the URL Shorteners, how did it went for you ?

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