Wednesday, August 3

Adding Poll to your blog

Dear viewers, we have recently added Poll into our blog, using third party free tool, Poll Daddy.
We came to know about Poll Daddy from, from here.

We are finding it quite interesting, and we hope, our viewers will be polling in their votes :)

If you want to know how to create a Poll, you can check at this link.

We are looking for more suggestions and are thinking, what should be the update frequency of the polls, any suggestions ?

We do hope, we will be able to find out some interesting polls for our viewer(s)

Njut till dess och ta hand 
-- Isabella 

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  1. Shouldnt it be for all blogs, why specifying 'blogger' blogs ?

  2. yes, I think, can be generalized to simply 'blog'.

  3. Changed now, thanks for the mention. !

  4. Nice post Isabella. While it comes to polls PollDaddy is my favorite tool. Their polls have good interface and detailed tracking systems.

    Between thanks for mentioning my blog post :)

  5. Thanks great post I didnt really know about this before.

    Thanks again

  6. thanks Mike, subscribe to us, you dont want to miss more posts like this, I am sure... !!!
    Also, I am sure to post lots of great posts about blogging, insteresting facts, and technical team will post a lot of interest technical stuff ! :)


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