Wednesday, August 10

Implement Google Instant Page technology to your website or blog

Google announced about Instant Page technology on their webmaster central blog here. The technology behind this technique can be implemented in your website or blog, and can be very effective if you have idea, around where next user is going to navigate. On Chrome, this will make the next page webpage load in no time. So, what change you need to do on your website / blog ?
Here are the details :

1) Websites :
Open your website template and, before the closing </head> tag, include the following code:
<link rel="prerender" href="">
The URL ( should point to the next “logical” page. For instance, if you have a photo gallery or a long article that spans multiple pages, the URLs could point to different parts of the page. The prerender tag on Page 1 could point to Page 2 while the prerender tag on Page 2 could point to Page 3 and so on.
A small business website may link to their “about” page or the “products” pages from the “home” page using the Instant Pages tag as that’s where potential customers are likely to go once they land on the home page.
2) Wordpress blogs :
Open your header.php file, copy-paste the following code inside the closing <head> tag  and you’re done.
<?php if (is_archive()) { ?><!-- Instant Pages for Google Chrome -->
<link rel="prerender" href="<?php echo get_next_posts_page_link(); ?>">
<?php } ?> 

3) Blogger blogs :
Still searching for a way to enable it. If any of our reader has the code to change in template or header, please share with us.


Here is the video describing about Google's Instant Page technology :

This is the chart for this year's browser trend from Stat Counter.
If you compare the graph, you will come to know that chrome is increasing popularity, and we are hoping that after this instant page loading feature, chrome will gain more popularity.

Note : One of best thing apart from the fact that it is free, Qalixa works with majority of browsers.


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