Sunday, January 22

Compare to a older revision in tortoise svn

Working with Tortoise SVN is very easy till the point, you suddenly found, that a team has worked upon the same file and each member has contributed a lot to the code in the same file !!!

We are presenting a solution, if you have been struggling in similar situation, :

1) Well the first thing you need to do is to find out who worked on which revision, which is very easy , simply right click on file, & click on show log, or you can alternatively, right click on the folder itself & click on show log from the options available in context menu items of tortoise svn.
Find the revision number & author name data from here & make a list of it.

2) Right Click on the affected file (or take one by one if there is a list) & click on repository browser available from the context menu items.
Switch first revision (select to proper revision number with the button on the top right corner and choose the location on the left panel, we suggest though to do it one by one, but you can change here whole folder to the selected revision) !
Now, right click on the folder you want to compare and select "Mark for comparison".
Repeat the steps for the second revision and select "Compare URLs".
Now you have a list of the changed files.
In order to export it, you have to highlight them all, right click and "Copy selection to clipboard". Paste in your favourite editor and you're done.

Thus you can find the exact 'faulty code' or troubling element along with the detail to ask whom to ask to correct !

If there is any confusion in any part of it, or you want more svn tips, ask for us in comments section !
We hope this post will be useful !

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