Wednesday, January 4

Improvements with New Year


As posted by Mathias in official blog of Qalixa, here :
"QALIXA: New Year, New opportunities, New Business"

Qalixa has enhanced itself based upon user suggestions a lot of them were related to GUI & ease of posting offers.

We are posting here 2 images for you to compare & tell us, how did you now find the changes ? Well, if you are not on qalixa yet, still we will encourage viewers to share their opinion, simply by comparing 2 images, what you think of it !

This was what Qalixa’s search result page (with some default settings, without you logged in looked like : )



This is what it is now :


What else, do you think a free global e-marketplace should have , in their search functionality ?

What more can you find from the images ?

Any more suggestions / changes to recommend ?

Well, we are all ears !

1 comment:

  1. Image size looks small but that is no issue if I open them in new tabs, new look definitely looks easy to use & user has now lots of options in left side to change the variables.

    However, ability to search a company is affected in new version, it was more easy for older one, as the complete list of business profiles registered was available with the option of sort them by their registration date !


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