Wednesday, January 25

Facing the competition

This post is a reply to Recent post of Official Qalixa Blog, " Am I crazy...?! Or just stubborn? " and is written for all of those entrepreneurs , bloggers,.....etc. Who think, that world has got a saturation or they can not do something new because they are going to face already a lot of competition !
When Mark Zuckerberg started facebook, wasnt Myspace and other social giants already covering the market ? Why start a new social website ?

What pursued Larry Page & Sergery Brin to pursue to google idea when there were already search engines like AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot & other giants ?

What pursued them to continue to their vision & dram, which looked almost impossible, because to build their first engine with relevant results, they had to build a web-crawler,a crawler that had to access 10 million web pages in 1995 !
If you were there in 1995, what would you call such a guy, who is building this college project & later expanding the same idea to his company ?

There are numerous examples of successful stories !
At the same time, there are numerous examples of failures as well !
The World is nearing to 1.5 billion domains registered in total ! Not all of them are going to make there way to get mentioned in success story tags of a blog, NO !
Not until you have a unique vision !
Not until you have a passion to contribute to society !
Not until you have the knowledge , Knowledge of what is needed by people & how are you going to contribute to it!
Not until you have the determination & vision to continue to your dream at any cost !
Lots of factor contributes to success of a e-commerce site or e-marketplace.
Right now, I will like to end this post mentioning about the knowledge again!
Knowledge like the cat depicted in picture, that a intelligent cat knows, no harm a tied dog can do to it !!!

So follow your vision, stand up in the competition like a intelligent cat, not like the barking dog !

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